Bank Payments

You’ve done the job; now you want to get paid.

It’s never easy, is it?
Give Jetpay a go. An EFT platform that was developed by our partner, Baseline Payments, Jetpay is a user-friendly app that enables you to send payment requests to your customers.
Cheques are still a common form of payment acceptance, but being paid that way is a hassle for all sorts of reasons — and very 20th century. With Jetpay you can accept large transactions, which the traditional banks don’t normally allow, and track each one from the time you send the request until the money reaches your account.
Jetpay is just as good on the payables side. Control how and when you pay your suppliers — and they’ll be happy they no longer have to wait for the cheque.
All this for a fee that’s a fraction of the costs. With no hassles!

Jetpay offers a complimentary review of your current payment costs and your savings potential to book an appointment please contact:

Stefano Corradini
Senior Payments Specialist
Baseline Payments
C: 778.926.1805
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