Working with the CSGA

 Joanne Fletcher 
Mint Green Group

“The CSGA’s Monday newsletter is my go-to read every week! In our fast-paced and ever-evolving sporting goods industry, the CSGA has created an invaluable platform for brands, retailers and consumers to share content and stay connected. We get tremendous value from our CSGA membership and I would consider it a must for anyone in our business.”
Jason Shipley
Business Manager
Rawlings Canada
“The CSGA is our main resource for industry news and updates.  The corporate discounts, savings and services provided, more than justify our membership annually. Additionally we absolutely love being able to communicate about our brand to the industry, and the CSGA delivers. We never miss a weekly update.”
Jeff Budway
Fanatics Canada

“The CSGA keeps me informed on industry news, networking, events and trends. There is no better site, publication or content that covers all areas of the Canadian Sports Industry. If you want to be in this industry or follow news for investment, it's a must have."