Canadians want brands to help them be more green
A survey finds consumers want to see action from companies and will reward those who support their own eco goals.
Friday, April 22, 2022
by: Strategy Online

Section: Industry News

Canadian consumers don’t just want to hear brands talk about sustainability. They want the companies they buy from to support their own efforts to be more sustainable and to proactively address environmental issues.

That’s according to American Express’ Trendex survey, which included a poll of 1,000 Canadians in mid-March. It revealed that 85% of Canadian adults would be more likely to trust and be loyal to a company that works to address environmental issues.

Among its other findings is that approximately 50% of Canadian adults are more likely to purchase sustainable products because they want to have a positive impact on the earth, rather than for personal health or well-being reasons.

While the results echo many surveys in recent years, the major trend in the findings is that post-pandemic, consumers are looking to brands for sustainability action and to act as allies in their own personal eco efforts.

Canadians are more likely to purchase products and services from businesses who can prove they are adopting sustainable practices, or are acting on climate change in meaningful ways. They are also more attracted to brands that can help them in their own sustainability goals. For example, many Canadians are more interested in energy efficiency in their homes than ever before, and 80% want companies to provide more options to remove carbon emissions and/or offset carbon emissions associated with their purchases.

According to the global findings of the survey, half of Gen Z and millennials are more likely to purchase sustainable products now than they were before the pandemic, while about 50% of all adults would pay a premium for sustainable products.

Finally, 70% of adults report that they are unsure of what actions they can personally take to reduce their contribution to climate change. In Canada, 80% of adults are looking to make those more sustainable behaviour choices across clothing, food, tech and travel purchases.

“The findings of our latest Trendex research clearly show that consumers expect businesses to step up when it comes to plans and policies around tackling climate change,” says Stacey Sterbenz, GM of global commercial services at American Express. “The data also shows a significant opportunity for those companies that are acting on this critical issue, and the role they can play in helping to better inform their customers.”

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