3ICE Makes Zenkai Sports League’s Official Performance Apparel Provider
Zenkai Sports Will Provide Compression Base Layer and Training Apparel for all 3ICE Players
Thursday, June 16, 2022
by: Zenkai Sports

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 Pittsburgh, PA – June 20, 2022 – 3ICE, a new six-team independent three-on-three professional ice hockey league in North America, has announced a partnership with Zenkai Sports to become the official performance apparel provider for 3ICE for its inaugural season, which opened on June 18 at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.


Zenkai Sports uses 92%+ natural fabrics activated with a new revolutionary technology called Filium® so players will benefit from water repellent yet breathable layers that work with your body’s natural cooling system, not against it.  This allows athletes to thermoregulate naturally, instead of wicking sweat away which decreases performance by making athletes overheat faster.
3ICE, which was founded by E.J. Johnston, son of former professional player, coach and general manager, Ed Johnston.  3ICE League is uniquely designed to give hockey fans the speed, skill and excitement they’ve grown to love since the three-on-three overtime concept was introduced in 2015.
“Our partnership with Zenkai Sports allows our players to compete in some of the best base layer and compression gear out there,”

 said 3ICE’s Founder & CEO, E.J. Johnston. “We are proud to bring them on board and know our players will feel the same.”
“Partnering with 3ICE is a great thrill for us” said Doug Lynch, Zenkai Sports CEO and former professional hockey player.  “It’s an awesome way to introduce our new Zenkai Sports apparel and base layers with revolutionary Filium® technology to the sports community.”
The league consists of six teams, which will travel to tour-stops and compete in a tournament where each game will consist of two, eight-minute halves using a running clock on a full-sized rink.  Each team has seven players (including one goalie) and competes in a nine-week season that will feature six games each night. The bracket-style single-elimination format will include three first round games, two semi-final matchups, followed by a title game.
About Zenkai Sports
Zenkai was born from belief that nature is the performance blueprint and we are all her athletes.  Growing up in the moisture-wicking era, we saw an opportunity for natural athletic apparel in a marketplace dominated by synthetics. Our goal from the beginning, was to create performance apparel with natural fabrics that helped athletes perform better by staying cooler - all without compromising the planet.  When we perform for nature, nature performs for us.  Check out Zenkai’s natural performance enhancing essentials: www.zenkaisports.com
About 3ICE
3ICE is a new and totally independent three-on-three professional ice hockey league in North America, created by Founder & CEO E.J. Johnston.  Designed to give fans the speed, skill and excitement they love 100% of the time, the on-ice action moves at an unprecedented pace, providing the ultimate hockey experience. For more information on 3ICE, please visit www.3ice.com   
For more information about this partnership, interviews and more on Zenkai Sports contact sales@zenkaisports.com
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