GoodLife unveils new marketing campaign that reclaims fitness for everyone
Thursday, October 27, 2022
by: GoodLife Fitness

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Michael Gatchalian is one of the GoodLife employees and members selected to star in the first phase of a new ad campaign for GoodLife Fitness, that puts real people in the spotlight as ‘fitfluencers.’ (CNW Group/GoodLife Fitness)

Oct. 25, 2022 /CNW/ - If you ask Michael Gatchalian of Toronto what fitness means to him, he'll tell you it's about feelings of accomplishment, happiness, and connection with the people around him at the gym. Gatchalian describes himself as a typical husband and father, who discovered fitness 10 years ago and has been teaching group fitness classes for eight years.

"It's doing something for yourself and enjoying how it feels. It's an experience you want to share with others. I'm not the stereotypical instructor that has a toned and chiseled body. I'm working through the same challenges that a lot of people are going through. I'm just a regular husband and father living an everyday life, but I can say that I am the fittest and healthiest that I have ever been in my entire life," he said.

Gatchalian is one of the GoodLife employees and members selected to star in the first phase of a new marketing campaign,  that puts real people in the spotlight as 'fitfluencers.' A national casting call last month generated close to 3,000 applications, and the ad campaign launches this week.

"With this campaign, GoodLife Fitness is reclaiming fitness for everyone. Fitness isn't only represented by a perfect 6-pack or how many followers you have. It's about getting up and showing up," said Jason Sheridan, chief operating officer of GoodLife Fitness. "We're celebrating the people who show up and put in the work to be active and then share that experience with people around them. It's the positive feeling you get when you take care of yourself and connect with others so they can feel the same way. That's where the magic is."

These 'fitfluencers' are captured in moments that depict their love of fitness. Each image features the signature of the member or employee, a symbol of their unique qualities as real-life fitfluencers.

The creative for the campaign is a new direction for GoodLife Fitness' brand. They have worked with creative agency GUT Toronto on design elements that convey the dynamic energy of fitness and celebrate the human element. The campaign centres around images by Toronto-based photographer/director Matt Barnes, known for his artistic depiction of prominent brands and personalities captured in unique onstage moments.

Olivia Podscianski is one of the fitfluencers. The 23-year-old prison nurse from Kingston has been running and strength training for five years. She picked up fitness to lose weight naturally and feel better after she reached 303 lbs. 

"I love weight lifting and running, which I still can't believe I can actually say. Building up my fitness over the last few years has been the best decision of my life," Podscianski said. "I can fit on any roller coaster, run 25+ km, fit in clothes from any store, walk up the stairs, and most importantly feel confident and healthy... something I've never felt in my lifetime until about the last year or so!"

In addition to Gatchalian and Podscianski, GoodLife's ad campaign features other fitfluencers of all ages and backgrounds with meaningful stories about the way fitness has improved their lives. GoodLife plans to create additional content featuring more real life fitfluencers in the months to come.

"Coming into the gym can be a daunting experience and all it takes is a warm smile and some caring words to make the transition into this new world a welcoming and rewarding one. I believe that everybody and every BODY should feel welcome as they walk into the gym," Gatchalian explained.

The campaign will run from now until early 2023, and includes a high-energy TV ad that debunks the usual fitfluencer elements and celebrates the best parts of fitness for everyone. The campaign also includes out-of-home, digital and social media.

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GoodLife Fitness started in 1979 in London, ON, and has since grown to the largest group of fitness club chains in Canada and the fourth largest in the world. Founder and CEO David 'Patch' Patchell-Evans started the business with one purpose…to give everyone in Canada the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life. With almost 10,000 employees, more than 900,000 members, and 200+ Clubs, GoodLife is helping to transform the health and fitness of people across Canada every day.

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