GRIT lets Python out of the bag: Releases New Python 900 Hockey Glove
Friday, September 9, 2022
by: Grit Inc.

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Greg Collins, Owner
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Grit Inc. has released its new Python 900 Series hockey gloves: marking a transformation for the company and going beyond old industry wisdom. Grit Inc., a sporting goods company based out of Loretto Ontario famous for innovative hockey and sport bags are expanding their brand offering and demonstrating their design prowess with the new Python 900 series hockey gloves.

The Python stands out – unlike many on the market the patented Coil Tech cuff protects the wrist with a unique spring loaded Coil. The spring design lets the fabric flex along with the wrist for quick shots while the outside of the spring deflects slashes.
The inspiration for the Coil Tech was a combination of innovation and tradition. The process began when Greg Collins, Grit Founder and lead designer, came up with the Python while recovering from an elbow injury. “I remembered Don Cherry’s rants about how short cuffed gloves didn’t protect the wrist like the cuffed gloves of the Original 6 NHL Hockey teams.”
“I was coiling a tensor bandage around my elbow”, Collins reminisced, “Then I had an epiphany: I could use the coil idea to create a protective spring that moved with you but still gave protection”.

The Python solves a long standing tradeoff in Glove design. Cuffed gloves were long considered outmoded: they offered protection but made it too cumbersome for quick shots. Instead, the Coil Tech cuff is shaped like a spring, allowing the glove to bend with the wrist on the inside and deflect slashes from the outside.

Grit isn’t going it alone in its entry into Hockey gloves. The products have undergone extensive testing by the Alliston Hornets Junior C team, Former NHL player Connor Crisp , and Hockey Influencer Zac Bell. “The Python allows me to do all of my hockey tricks, '' says Bell, “The Coil will be super helpful for overall protection”.

This testing not only has solidified the Python product line itself but also opened up new avenue’s for Grit’s in Hockey Gloves as well as broad horizons for its Coil Technology. Capitalizing on the increased presence of women in the Hockey market, Grit is releasing the Python 900, in a narrower women’s size, alongside the larger 900.1 Python  men’s size.

The Grit Python hockey gloves will be introduced this fall on a limited basis in both Canada and the USA.
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