Female-Empowered Cycle Wear Brand PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. Launches All New Collection with Higher-Performing Materials and Designs, and One Local Artist-Designed Print
Friday, April 22, 2022
by: Peppermint Cycling Co.

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Female-Empowered Cycle Wear Brand PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. Launches All New Collection with Higher-Performing Materials and Designs, and One Local Artist-Designed Print

Montreal April 20, 2022 - Known for performance and fashion-forward textiles designed specifically for female cyclists, Montreal-based PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. is set to release a new sustainable-certified collection that pushes the boundaries of performance and design, which includes one artist-designed print, the Wildroad print, created by Amélie Lehoux.
Crafted with high-quality materials and technology, the 2022 collection aspires to intersect and harmonize the relationship between performance and style, valuing both equally and to the highest standard, with performance-proven materials. The biomechanics of movement when wearing PEPPERMINT garments both when sitting and standing for each biking category was meticulously studied by the PEPPERMINT team in the creation of this new collection.
Featuring sustainable performance-driven materials which are Bluesign® and Oeko-tech® certified, and using environmentally and worker-friendly sublimination print, the 2022 collection will also boast an updated stylish, flattering fit with designer textiles, and introduces a new category for gravel cyclists.
Tasked with capturing the essence of the cyclist journey for the gravel collection, Canadian artist Amélie Lehoux was inspired by the different landscapes and natural beauty that we encounter during a gravel bike ride. The interplay between shapes, colours and textures seen in the Wildroad print Lehoux created carries the story of adventures to come within the garment itself.
Designed by women for women, each garment is specially crafted toward movement and style, encouraging and empowering women to push physical limits, cycle, and surpass personal goals all while looking incredible.
To showcase the unique qualities of the PEPPERMINT woman that tell a story of who she is, three new colour themes are also introduced for this collection: Resilience, Independence, Confidence.
“We want women to feel confident and stylish on the bike. From design to brand values and through our community groups, we encourage the Peppermint woman to be daring, to have self-confidence and to continuously reach new goals.” – Geneviève Grondin, PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. VP Sales and Marketing.
Focusing on three categories (Road, Mountain and Gravel), the PEPPERMINT woman can expect to feel more comfortable and enjoy a higher-quality cycling experience through advanced textiles with trendy and fashionable designs, with the first drop available online and in stores now.
What’s New for Each Category:
  • The Road cycling collection combines performance-enhancing materials, features and fits, without compromising the feminine look.
  • Mountain biking collection offers more room for movement, and additional neutral-toned colour offerings.
  • Gravel cycling is on the rise, and to accommodate the demand to satisfy customer needs, this new line is introduced ands specifically crafted to gravel cycling needs.
Beyond the Textiles: Connecting the Cycling Community
Just as style and performance play key roles in the PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. philosophy, community is also at the core of the brand. PEPPERMINT invites women cyclists to join local cycling events called Let’s Ride. PEPPERMINT also have their own cycling collective, a group of more than 50 engaged ambassadors and inspiring cyclists that are a reflection of the PEPPERMINT brand and its vibe, mindset, personality, and of course, of PEPPERMINT’s cycling image.
Let’s Ride, a completely free grassroots program was developed to propose a series of casual weekly rides encouraging women to include cycling into their busy lifestyle across Canada and aims to allow women to belong to a welcoming cycling community by riding together, and supporting each other.
Created in 2015, PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. was born out of a desire to inspire the greatest number of active women to enjoy the benefits and fun of cycling in a predominantly male-led industry. The etymology behind PEPPERMINT bares significance in which “Pepper” and “Mint” present two complimentary yet contrasting sides of the PEPPERMINT woman. “Pepper” denotes a strong, powerful mentality while “Mint” is invigorating yet gentle. This combination not only defines our products but also our daring team, mainly composed of female talents. PEPPERMINT’s kits are made for women by women from the beginning of the design process until they hit the road and shine.
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